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Tshipi ẻ Ntle Manganese Mining exports the first parcel of manganese ore from East London in partnership with Transnet.

In a groundbreaking move set to redefine the mining landscape in South Africa, Tshipi e Ntle Manganese Mining proudly announces its historic collaboration with Transnet.

The pioneering partnership between Tshipi and Transnet marks the first-ever export of manganese ore from Transnet’s East London Multipurpose Terminal, firmly establishing Tshipi as a trailblazer in the industry.

The historic inaugural event signifies a significant milestone for both companies and their relevant communities. By leveraging the capabilities of Transnet and Tshipi, it poses to revolutionise operations, ensuring more efficient and environmentally responsible transportation of manganese from South Africa to other countries such as China, and India among others.

Tshipi leadership, Transnet Leadership and EC Provincial Leadership.

Commenting on this historic collaboration, the CEO of the company, Ezekiel Lotlhare said: "This partnership signifies a new era in our industry. By utilising this Multipurpose terminalin East London, we are not only enhancing the efficiency of our operations but also reducing our environmental footprint. We are proud to lead the way in South Africa by embracing innovative approaches that benefit our company, our partners, and, most importantly, the hosting communities."

This pioneering initiative holds great promise for the local communities. With increased economic activity, there will be a surge in employment opportunities, supporting the livelihoods of families in the hosting communities. The key benefits of the partnership include:

Economic Growth: The increased mining and shipping activities are set to stimulate economic growth, fostering prosperity in the hosting communities.

Environmental Responsibility: Both companies are dedicated to environmentally responsible practices, ensuring that the local ecosystem is safeguarded.

Community Development: Tshipi now has an opportunity to engage the mining communities to identify areas where the partnership can contribute to community development initiatives.