Our People


At Tshipi, we strive to treat our people fairly and uphold their rights at all times whilst providing them with a safe, healthy working environment and reward system that appreciates their daily contribution to the success of our business. We continuously promote excellence in safety behaviours by investing in safety training and procedures as well as a comprehensive framework to mitigate risks.

The pillars of our people approach

  • Health and Safety

    We target the highest health and safety standards in order to eradicate the risk of injury or illness in our work environment, for the benefit of our employees, contractors and our stakeholders. In our approach we focus on the prevention of hazards and risks that could endanger our people’s health and safety.

  • Living conditions

    We are committed to uphold the dignity of our people by ensuring that they enjoy decent living conditions and that they are able to live with their families by recruiting the majority of the semi-skilled workforce from the surrounding communities, with transport as an added benefit.

  • Training and development

    We equip our people with workplace skills and knowledge to improve productivity, safe work practices and their overall employability.

  • Wellness and personal health

    Tshipi has an onsite clinic facility staffed by a doctor, nursing sisters, basic ambulance assistants, radiographer and ambulance, which distribute chronic medication, chronic disease monitoring and counselling and annual medical surveillance to our people. The clinic also provides free voluntary testing and counselling for HIV and AIDS as well as other chronic and lifestyle diseases. We require all our employees to be members of Discovery Health medical aid scheme and compensate our people for their medical aid contributions via their remuneration packages.