Health and Safety


We are committed to the principle of zero harm, with the goal that every employee and contract worker should return home unharmed every day. We have implemented an effective health and safety system to ensure that our people are not exposed to an unsafe and unhealthy work environment.

We focus on the prevention of injuries and fatalities by enforcing safety measures and procedures that supervisors and the workforce need to abide by, every day and in every instance, without exception. We also focus on the health of our people by taking preventative measures in relation to dust, noise and ergonomic hazards and expect from our employees to undergo regular medical tests to minimise the risk of contracting occupational diseases.

One of our key preventative measures is to constantly identify risks present in our operations and ensure that these risks are eliminated through proper training and the implementation of an effective risk management framework.

Tshipi recognises its responsibility to act as a good corporate citizen and performs its obligations towards its employees, shareholders, customers, suppliers, competitors and the community, in which it operates, in good faith. To achieve this, we have implemented and maintain management systems that are consistent with international leading industry practices and regulatory obligations such as the Mining Charter, National Strategic Plan on HIV/AIDS and Guidelines on leading practices work streams and SHE Legislation.

A focused approach to Zero Harm is critical to the business and remains one of the cornerstones of Tshipi’s operations. The strategic intent is to decrease health and safety risks to our workforce by developing and implementing systems, processes and competencies.

Health and safety performance and an uncompromising compliance to standards and commitments is a critical component of our License to Operate. We expect from our leadership, managers, supervisors and workforce to embrace and demonstrate our commitment and aspiration to be a leader in the mining industry.

We have a health and safety policy that contains the key elements that we regard as necessary to minimise the risk to our people, employees and contractors, who are often exposed to an unsafe and unhealthy work environment.

Some of the key elements of the policy are the following:

  • Key risks identified through the risk assessment process
  • Required safety behaviours
  • Safety training requirements
  • Safety and environmental objectives
  • Communication requirements with regards to keeping our people informed on health a safety issues.