Tshipi é Ntle Manganese Mining (Pty) Ltd operates the open pit manganese mine, called Tshipi Borwa Mine, in the Kalahari Manganese Field (KMF) located in the Northern Cape. Tshipi é Ntle means “beautiful steel” in the local Tswana language. Waste development and infrastructure construction commenced in 2011 and the first ore was exported in 2012. The Tshipi Borwa mine is a modern low cost manganese black economic empowered producer that has been setting the benchmark for how mines should be constructed, managed and operated in the New South Africa.


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Key strengths and benefits

Tshipi represents a unique combination of the perfect mix of black economic empowerment, financial and strategic shareholders, a world class manganese deposit, a state of the art processing facility, a world class private siding and rapid load-out station, best of breed financial and corporate governance systems and a dynamic management team that has driven this world class project into production.


Tshipi’s equity is effectively held by three leading organisations, being:


  • Ntsimbintle Mining Proprietary Limited, South Africa’s leading black owned manganese investment holding company, led by Saki Macozoma;
  • Jupiter Mines Limited, which amongst other significant shareholders is backed by POSCO, the world’s fifth largest steel producer and is led by resources legend Brian Gilbertson; and
  • OM Holdings, a leading manganese ore and metal producer and marketer, listed on the ASX and led by NT Low.


It is this breadth of commercial, financial, technical and manganese market wisdom that the Tshipi team has harnessed to allow it to bring the Tshipi Borwa Mine into production only 20 months after the its board approved its development.

World class manganese deposit

Tshipi has a world class manganese deposit and is one of South Africa’s four largest open-pit medium grade semi-carbonate manganese ore producers. Tshipi’s ore body, which is contiguous to that of BHP Billiton’s Mamatwan mine, has a total resource of 164.3 million tonnes of manganese. Tshipi’s deposit is very homogenous when compared to that of both its new and existing competitors, making it easy to mine and produce a consistent grade.

State of the art processing facility

Tshipi is has completed its state of the art primary crushing plant and is completing the feasibility phase for its and secondary crushing and screening plant and stockpile management system. This facility has been designed with the specific objective of minimising the double-handling of material and to be both water and energy efficient.

World class private siding and rapid load-out station

Tshipi’s private rail siding was constructed in record time and has been in use since October 2012 – the loop siding is approximately 8km long and is currently the only siding in the manganese industry that can accommodate a 208 rail wagon train, which creates a significant logistical advance for Tshipi. Tshipi’s rapid load-out station, which was imported from the United States of America and the erection and commissioning of which is largely complete, is the fastest rapid load-out station in the country – capable of loading a 6 552 tonne train in less than 4 hours. Accordingly, Tshipi is a clear industry front runner in its utilisation of supply chain technology.

Best of breed systems

Tshipi acknowledges that the operational efficiency is achieved through implementing the best of breed financial control and information technology systems and has, together with its information and communication technology partners procured and implemented best of breed information management systems. Furthermore, the board and management team are fully committed to the corporate governance principles set out in the King III Report on Corporate Governance in South Africa and have adopted a fit for purpose board charter which regulates its board and committee practices and executive accountability.

The A-Team

Lastly, and most importantly, Tshipi has managed to attract a group of experienced managers who are all experts in their respective fields to navigate the business from the historic project development to current operational phase.